MathsBolt is an exciting way to get children learning and loving Maths. It started with the principle that learning Maths should be fun and led us to creating colourful and engaging app games that let children explore and develop their Maths skills while having fun.
Children learn better when they are motivated and enjoying an activity, which is where our game-based learning comes in.
Our games allow children to discover a whole world of Maths, from counting to comparing numbers, identifying shapes and patterns, using measures and so much more.
Children can try out and build their skills independently through discovery learning, or be guided by a teacher or parent, who can set them challenges and track their progress.
Teachers or parents can assess their children’s skills and understanding by assigning games across the whole Junior Infants Maths Curriculum, and get instant feedback on their understanding and progress across all areas of learning.

Learn about….

Numbers, counting, comparing, ordering and combining

Recognizing and extending patterns

2D and 3D shapes and spatial awareness

Measurements (length, weight, capacity, time, money)

Data (sorting, classifying, representing and interpreting)

The more fun the games, the more kids play, the more they play, the more they learn!

Contact us: info@mathsbolt.com