How To Guide: Getting your child started

  1. Install the MathsBolt app on your device from the App Store or Google Play

Click here for our guide to installing MathsBolt on your device.

2. Your school will send you a consent form for completion if you wish your child to sign up to MathsBolt.

3. Once your school has set up your account, you will receive an email from MathsBolt with a QR Code. (If you have not received an email, check your spam folder and then contact your child’s teacher to make sure they have your correct email address.)

4. Open the MathsBolt app on your device and click on the camera icon. Your device’s camera will need to take an image of your QR Code, so if your device asks you for permission please grant it (please note that QR Code scanning is the only time MathsBolt uses the camera and it does not take any photos within the app environment).

5. Point your device’s camera at the QR Code (you can either print the QR Code or open the image up on your computer etc.

6. MathsBolt will automatically log in to your child’s unique account so they can start their learning!