How To Guide: Pupil Set Up

Please make sure you have your classrooms set up before adding pupils!

1. Note (i): Before you add any pupil to your account, you must first receive parental consent. Click here for a copy of our consent form.

Note (ii): You can add pupils through a School Account OR Teacher Account and the process is the same for both.

2. Click on ‘Add Student’.

School Account: Teachers Account:

3. Select the classroom from the dropdown list, enter the pupil’s first name and their parent’s email (you should get this from their parental consent form). Please ensure you have received parental consent before creating any student accounts.

School Account: Teachers Account:

4. When you click ‘Add Student’, it will automatically send an email to the parent with an individual QR code for their child which they can use to instantly access MathsBolt. You can also get a copy of the QR Codes by clicking on ‘QR Codes’.

5.Your pupils are now ready to start learning with MathsBolt. You can check this guide for getting your pupils logged in to their accounts.

How To Guide: Getting your child started

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