How To: School Set Up

  1. Install the App from the App Store or Google Play [Install Guide].
  2. Open the App and click on ‘Teacher’.

3. Click ‘Register’.

4. Create your login details and enter your school’s name.

5. Your account is now set up so you can log in and get started.

6. If you wish, you can buy the licenses you need for your school now (or you can wait until you have your classes and teachers set up). You will have to complete the parental gate questions before accessing the buy licenses screen – this is to ensure no children can make a purchase if they have access to the device.

7. Now purchase the licenses you need for your school.

8. If you wish to change the language, click on settings and then save your selection.

9. You are now ready to start setting up classrooms and teachers and then to add pupils to them. Please see the following guides for assistance:

How To: Class & Teacher Set Up.

How To: Pupil Set Up.

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